Sunday, May 14, 2006


Letterland - Waldorf influence reading program

It is a multisensory approach to learning with songs (CDs), actions, and phonic fables (stories). We find Letterland absolutely wonderful. The children enjoy the characters and their well developed personalities. Every characters name has their sound at the beginning of their name like Clever Cat and Dippy Duck.

For example, the robot gang who steal vowels so they don't sound like they normally would like Arthur Ar and the Er, Ir, Ur brothers. Ernest Er has the longest legs and runs fast and often appears at the end of words and in more words, while his brother Urgent Ur wears boots of curly fur and plods along. Harry Hat man doesn't like noise so he goes barefoot, for the Ch sound when his cat, Clever Cat, sits next to him she always sneezes because of the hair on his hairy hat.

I just purchased the following:
1. LETTERLAND TEACHERS GUIDE (primary/elementary school not the early one) for all the phonic fables
2. LETTERLAND ABC - SOFTBACK which I read to the kids
3. 3 song CDs (digraphs and blends, alphabet, handwriting) which we mostly listen to in the car.

The children do word building with letters which you can make yourself by photocoping the letters from the front cover of the book onto card.

We homeschool and older my daughter has picked up reading seamlessly and immediately grasped the rule as it is so memorable. My 3 year old has learned her sounds without trying actually by accident!!

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