Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Teaching Knitting to children

I had to (re)learn to knit having only knitted a scarf for myself when I was 14. My daughter has been keen for a while probably a year but was not ready until now at 6 1/2. At 5 she learnt how to finger knit and made cords for bags.

I got some great children's books out of the library and started working through projects myself and my daughter wanted to help me and it was obvious she could remember how to do the knit stitch. So we purchased some child sized knitting needles and some wood ones which I will be able to saw down. Shorter size is easier to manage - we tried both.

We got size 5mm (US 8) and 7mm (US 10.5). She could do both but I wanted her to work with the thicker needle and thicker yarn (suitable to the needle as stated on the pack of yarn) so that she would see results faster and hence be more encouraged. At night I would often do one or two rows so it would grow quicker. Her first project was a bag. A rectangle 20 or so stitches casted on and knitted to 1 foot or so in length. Then fold over and overcast the sides. She wanted a flap at the top to open and close so we made it a few inches longer and then sewed a button on the bag and braided a loop for the button which we braided into the flap.

Then their is a cotton wash cloth with size 5mm (size 6) needles or just a bit smaller then a headband cast on 10 stitches of bulky wool on 10mm needles knit until it is long enough.

The books at the library taught me how and contained projects that progressively got more difficult - starting with basic
Kids can knit : fun and easy projects for your small knitter Clewer, Carolyn
this is the one I learnt to knit from
Kids Knit - simple steps to nifty projects
Kids's Easy Knitting Projects

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