Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Waldorf curriculums - Mostly Complete, Just Customize

Mostly Complete, Just Customize

The teacher needs only minor prep time
to personalize a flexible lesson.

Live Education
This K-8, purely Waldorf curriculum is as close as you can get to a Waldorf school in a structured curriculum. Leading from that idea, the education will need to be alive and some parts you will create yourself, with guidance; nevertheless, prep will be relatively short.

One advantage to Live Ed is that curricula can combine elements from multiple years--you can purchase half 5th grade and half 6th grade, for example, depending on your family's individual needs. A couple of teacher consultations are included in the package with more available at additional cost.

Enki Homeschool Curriculum
An innovative, developmentally based education that supports the integration of body, heart, and mind by weaving together many diverse elements:
• the multicultural emphasis of the United Nations International School,
• the integrated arts approach of Waldorf Education,
• the neurological focus of Sensory Integration therapy and Brain Gym;
• the skill building techniques of traditional Western education, and
• the independent project learning of theme studies programs.
You can purchase any grade-level package at a significant discount, or just buy the individual books you feel will support your child(ren).

Everyday Waldorf's Seasons of Joy

This curriculum is full of hands-on, practical ideas for exploring the seasons with your child in an age-appropriate, Waldorf-inspired manner. (Kindergarten only - but more to come)

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