Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Waldorf Curriculums with Daily Instructions

No real prep time needed

Cairns Homeschooling Curriculum
This curriculum is published by the Cairns Steiner School in Australia. It

1) A teaching guide developed by an experienced Waldorf teacher, which details day-to-day
lessons in language, math, home environment, craft, form drawing and music, etc. (depending on grade level).

2) A book of readings to accompany main lesson content.

3) Tapes of recorder music and songs (some levels).

4) Ongoing supervision by a Queensland registered Steiner teacher.

All materials remain property of the school and are returned at the end of the school
year. As of this writing this curriculum runs 1st through 6th

Oak Meadow
I think this curriculum is the oldest available Waldorf-inspired K-12
curriculum source. It is still based in Waldorf principles in the early years, but no longer follows a pure Waldorf curriculum progression, they have adapted various influences over the years as they found what worked for them and responded
to their clients' needs.

They also have options from just buying books, to teacher support, to even registration in
a "private school" if you need that option. Oak Meadow has the only Waldorf-influenced high school that I have seen for homeschoolers, and online classes for upper grades.

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