Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Waldorf HomeSchooling Curriculums

Here are some Waldorf homeschooling sites off the top of my head: this one is the greatest sites has so much

Curriculums FREE kindergarten curriculum online!!!
overview has sample lessons online has outline of curriculum
waldorf without walls waldorf influenced - I have curriculums for 1st grade (6 years old) and second grade they have sample curriculums on line preshool curriculum

Waldorf books

online articles & newsletters

general information

General homeschooling information

here is Canterbury's Home Educators (CHE) group
they arrange so many activities and have a play group open to anyone on the Monday 12:30-3 at Lansdowne community centre
Join them!! It is only $25/year and you can start getting to know homeschoolers and go to activities. We do museum activities, science alive classes, swimming classes and more with other homeschoolers. There is another organization South Island Home Educators - I think they are in the phone book, but they don't have much.

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